Arecont Vision Cameras Protect Luxury Cars 24/7 at Orlando Infiniti

Orlando Infiniti relies on megapixel cameras by Arecont Vision to help prevent after-hours theft of its expensive luxury vehicles. For 24-hour surveillance of the premises and after-hours video monitoring to detect intrusion, Orlando Infiniti contracts with United Security Alliance, Inc., a nationwide integrator of video surveillance and access control systems.

United Security Alliance has installed 16 Arecont Vision AV2155DN 2-megapixel all-in-one MegaDome cameras outside the dealership and 16 Arecont Vision AV1355 1.3-megapixel all-in-one domes on the inside. 

“Arecont Vision megapixel IP cameras provide optimal coverage with higher resolution for superior picture quality and better results in conjunction with after-hours video monitoring and forensics,” said Chris Sessa, director of sales for Arecont Vision. “Our megapixel cameras can also cover more square footage with fewer cameras versus conventional standard-resolution IP cameras, lowering the total cost of system ownership.” 

After hours, the system and its high-quality Arecont Vision megapixel IP video images are monitored remotely by United Security Alliance's Central Station. Any individuals entering the premises are detected and trigger a video analytics alarm, allowing central station operators to clearly see intruders on the lot after hours and to respond quickly to prevent theft and losses. The Orlando Infiniti video system is also monitored locally by the dealership for internal management purposes. Cameras inside and outside the facility provide video images with extreme clarity throughout the course of the day, providing invaluable information on employee performance, customer patterns and more. 

“On a number of occasions, the central station has detected individuals on the premises in the middle of the night and been able to speak to them through an interactive audio system to let them know the premises are under surveillance, the facility is closed and they should leave the premises immediately,” said Peter Wilson, owner, Orlando Infiniti. “This has obviously prevented potential criminal activity and saved the facility an unknown sum of money that could have resulted from losses and damage to vehicles on the property.” 

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