GTSI to Upgrade Miami International Airport Security Systems

GTSI Corp., a Division of UNICOM® Global and a systems integration, solutions and services provider to government, today announced that it will be upgrading the Miami International Airport’s (MIA) surveillance systems and supporting infrastructure.  GTSI will leverage the latest technologies from NICE Systems to design and implement an updated and expanded security network, on the interior and exterior of the airport, to better enable MIA’s surveillance and monitoring capabilities.

“MIA is the largest U.S. gateway for Latin America and the Caribbean and is one of the leading international passenger and freight airports in the world,” said Ray Davalos, Airport Building Systems Manager, MIA.  “Passenger and employee safety is our number-one concern and this is a one-of-a-kind integration.  Most facilities try to make someone's product offering fit and modify their operations to make it work.  MIA Engineering and GTSI have taken the best of today's cutting-edge technologies and truly integrated them for a solution that enhances MIA’s operational and security needs.  As history repeats itself, many will likely want to copy this approach in the future.  A standard is being set here.”
GTSI is providing an integrated solution for video management, video analytics, ground-based radar, high resolution cameras and secure wireless networking.  “These components will enhance the overall security system at MIA and allow the airport to better support the critical mission of protecting passengers and employees,” said Jeremy Wensinger, Chief Operating Officer, GTSI.  “GTSI‘s experience and partnership with MIA is demonstrated in this project, ensuring MIA continues its leadership as one of the world’s safest and most reliable airports.” 

As part of the project, GTSI is teaming with NICE Systems to upgrade the airport’s NiceVision video surveillance solution used to monitor, manage and record on a system with the capability of managing over 2,600 video surveillance cameras located throughout MIA facilities.  The NiceVision Net 2.5 video solution includes advanced video analytics for runway incursion detection which MIA will use to monitor and secure restricted areas.

Using NiceVision Net 2.5, NICE’s latest enterprise-class, open platform solution for IP video security, MIA will be able to maximize investments in existing analog camera technology as it migrates to IP video.

“As one of the foremost international passenger and freight airports in the world, MIA is leading the way in aviation security,” said Guy Yaniv, General Manager, Surveillance Solutions at NICE.  “NICE is pleased to have been a partner in addressing MIA's security needs over the last decade, and we look forward to partnering with GTSI to enhance the airport’s video surveillance capabilities even further.”

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