Where’s the Traffic?

Could ASIS be a fickle tradeshow? It seems to me after opening day of 2012 ASIS, the exhibitors received a rather tepid response to what is otherwise a booming and bustling event.

My view, the tradeshow floor was clear sailing from one end of the hall to the other, and exhibitors had plenty of time on their hands. I hope traffic on the show floor is busier today. Slow traffic doesn't mean there aren't plenty of good things to see.

I saw plenty of cool things and I want to share them with you.

Sentry View Systems
The SentryPOWER CORE is an advanced modular remote power management subsystem that combines intelligent, state-of-the-art battery charge control, power storage, and output with a variety of communications options including wireless, IP, cellular and fiber. Capable of using up to three power inputs such as solar, wind, grid, and generator, the SentryPOWER CORE is the optimum solution for providing autonomous, renewable power management and distribution for critical remote systems such as surveillance, radar or communications, in locations where power is unavailable or unreliable.

Middle Atlantic Products
The company announced yesterday that they have signed a deal with General Dynamics for workstations, video mountain solutions and rack systems for that company's Information Technology Global Security Operations Center and Customer Integration Lab.

The solution integrates multiple, third-party security technologies to provide a cost effective and scalable security solution that allows customers to monitor and protect people, property and assets using fewer resources. GSOC provides a common operating picture, enabling coordinated response to events, and sharing of business and risk intelligence. In addition, two GSOC Customer Integration Labs bring all the GSOC elements together to provide a staging ground for customers' use in strategic security planning and infrastructure design.

Introduced its fiber-based pin-point detection for perimeter and pipeline protection.This technology provides up to 10 miles of perimeter protection when installed on fences, buried or mounted on a wall. For protection of buried pipelines against third-party interference, the product provides up to 30 miles of protection.

FiberLR accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous and even in the presence of background environmental noise that would overwhelm the location capability of other sensors.

The company has announced its new NVR, which includes a customized lineup of all-in-one video surveillance network storage and management solutions designed for small and medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprise. The product has been built specifically for the video surveillance industry and features a direct connection to a VGA monitor for local live display of surveillance video and a streamlined setup process to improve theft deterrent capability.

Just So You Know
Two good friends, Tony Byerly and Felix Gonzales are back in the security game. Both spent some time at Stanley Convergent Security Systems, but have jumped over to Diebold. If you have a few minutes to spare today, trot over to their booth and listen to their story about security.

Now, That's What's for Dinner
It wouldn't be a tradeshow without a good meal. Panasonic hosted a fabulous meal, which I'm sure was only one of many in Philadelphia last night. Thanks to Greg Peratt for what I'm sure was fine Texas beef.

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