Protecting the Source: New B.I.G. Stalwart Security Shelters Help Guard Critical NYC Water Supply

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection recently commissioned B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc.( to design and fabricate a number of bullet resistant stainless steel guard booths to secure a number of strategic areas along the vital Delaware Aqueduct, an 85-mile system that supplies safe drinking water to more than eight million people in New York City, and to approximately one million customers in surrounding counties.

The result is a new model called ‘The Water Protector.’ This high-security custom booth is perfectly suited to withstand harsh environmental conditions, and meets stringent, site-specific agency requirements for use in sensitive areas. The tough stainless steel construction and attractive stainless steel standing seam roof design means that this compact and practical shelter is easy on the eyes while maintaining a low-profile. The ‘Water Protector’ will help to ensure that this critical component of NYC’s utility infrastructure is safeguarded from potential threats.

“We are pleased to add the ‘Water Protector’ to our fabrication arsenal. Our guard shelters meet the exacting demands of regulatory agencies, security directors, and facilities managers.” said Vice President David King.

Guard booths are a first line of defense. Security personnel need facilities that allow them to function effectively in varying climatic conditions, while giving them a physical advantage over potential threats. These security structures and control centers must be fabricated from the best materials, incorporate correctly-sized HVAC systems for adequate climate management and be configuration-friendly, as they must house monitors, duress buttons, communication and surveillance equipment.

B.I.G.'s Blast and Bullet Resistant booth materials have been tested by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), H.P. White and/or the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The ready-to-use booths can be built from Level 1, up to NIJ-IV, and 50 caliber armor- piercing, (Level 10) B.I.G. also offers a Blast Resistant certification, a first in the industry. Special features such as continuous stainless steel hinges on blast resistant doors enable them to support the armored weight and ensure easy handling without failure.

State-of-the-art blast resistant booths are designed to withstand the highest threat levels, enabling security personnel inside to respond and initiate emergency procedures, saving lives and property.

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