Real Estate Management Company Deploys SafeRise from FST21

Harbor Management, a fully integrated real estate management company that manages apartment-home communities and several commercial and retail office buildings in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, consistently relies on FST21 to secure its facilities.

They recently installed the SafeRise solution at their Greenhouse Apartments Senior Community in Chelsea, Massachusetts. Harbor's Senior Vice President, Mr. Michael Kiley, opted to use the FST21 solution again, based on the positive experience Harbor had in its previous installation of SafeRise at its Ocean Shores community in nearby Lynn, Massachusetts. "The positive feedback from our residents was a key factor in moving forward with this additional deployment," Kiley notes. "Some have said they feel safer now than when we had physical guards on site. "

Harbor Management worked in conjunction with its contracted security team from DCRM, a security services and solutions provider they've worked with for over a decade. They chose SafeRise and were assured by senior FST21 management that all their residents needed to do was simply look at the camera and the door would open automatically, quickly, and easily.

"This promise and the dedication of the FST21 team to deliver on that promise made our decision to employ it at the Greenhouse Apartments even easier," notes David Dearborn, CEO of DCRM. "The residents at Ocean Shores (a property that is using SafeRise for several months) love the level of convenience SafeRise delivers, so being able to bring that to the senior residents at the Greenhouse community was a major consideration. And, introducing a dual language audio portion, English and/or Spanish, was a great hit among the residents. The fact that access is 'hands-free' for them is another very attractive benefit. "

"The system and just as importantly, the FST21 SafeRise Team, delivered on meeting our end users' needs. Residents, visitors/guests, employees and the entire staff are all very happy with the SafeRise solution," Dearborn adds.

SafeRise technology -- an intelligent and highly secure controlled access solution from FST21 -- is revolutionizing building security. It provides authorized users easy and automated access to government, commercial and residential buildings while maintaining the highest level of security.

Building security been never been more critical, which is why increasingly more real estate management companies and public housing authorities are turning to FST21 technology for their access control needs. Because it can quickly identify anyone who is standing at the door, SafeRise can make an informed decision whether to allow entrance, verify guests or transfer them to a monitoring station representative for assistance. There's no need for a key, card or access code. FST21's SafeRise is an In Motion Identification system using state-of-the-art technologies that allows approved users, and their approved visitors, to enter a building through a fusion of biometric recognition, face, behavioral, voice and license plate recognition. SafeRise technology is highly secure yet super convenient way to let authorized individuals in and keep unauthorized ones out.

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