Fire Safety Tips

Fires are the one of the most dangerous elements a home or business can face. In preparation for National Fire Prevention Week, which begins on October 7, the American Red Cross is offering fire prevention tips, ensuring you and your family can stay free from harm’s way. 

The installation of smoke alarms in your home is of course one of the biggest steps in prevention. Be sure that yours are up to working order, which includes replacing the batteries and testing the alarm itself. Alarms should be located in every bedroom of your home, and on every level of your business. Your family and employees should know two ways out of your home or business, and you should determine a meeting point outside in case of a fire. Should your home or business have portable heaters, make sure to keep any potentially combustible items far away from them. Having your chimney cleaned regularly is also a good idea. You should have a detailed escape plan, and practice it regularly. Be sure to call 911 at the first sign of fire, and wait in a safe area for emergency response.

 Armed with these helpful safety tips, fire prevention can be on the top of the to-do list for your home and business.

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