IndigoVision Announces Integration with Ipsotek Video Content Analysis

IndigoVision, a manufacturer of complete IP video security solutions, is proud to announce its integration partnership with Ipsotek.

The partnership will offer end users a complete solution specific to their needs by incorporating Ipsotek’s advanced video analytics product, VISuite, with IndigoVision’s Security Management Solution, SMS4.

Ipsotek’s video content analysis solution, VISuite, receives video streamed from IndigoVision’s SMS4 and identifies predefined events and behaviors using a patented Scenario Based Detection (SBD) rule engine. SBD allows multiple behavior detections to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences, providing a detailed understanding of behavior which dramatically reduces false alarms.

Video is analyzed by Ipsotek’s hardware and software, and once the preconfigured behaviors are detected, linked alarms are automatically raised in IndigoVision’s Control Center, the client interface to SMS4. Together, Ipsotek and IndigoVision are able to offer end user solutions to perimeter protection, intrusion detection, traffic management, crowd management, business intelligence, and advanced people and vehicle tracking.

“At Ipsotek, we focus on providing the industry with solutions that are performance driven and cost effective. This partnership gives both companies the opportunity to offer end users with a unified and simple ‘out-of-the-box’ solution. Together we aim to create and provide solutions that will improve operational efficiency and security, targeted through shared markets and the global security industry,” said Sateesh Pedagadi, senior engineer at Ipsotek.

Alex Swanson, head of engineering at IndigoVision, commented, “Integrating with Ipsotek expands the range of video analytics available within SMS4. Incidents detected by VISuite trigger alarms within the Control Center, which greatly assists with the efficient response times of surveillance staff to security threats.”

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