Command Center at Heart of THRIVE Intelligence Video Security Offering

THRIVE Intelligence provides video security as a service that increases safety, and reduces cost, by delivering edge-based analytics and intelligent security monitoring for new or existing installations. The THRIVE 360 solution integrates event-based video monitoring, analytics on the edge, audio intervention, GPS tracking, and other alarm monitoring services. The powerful combination of technologies, analytics, and real-time monitoring truly comes together at THRIVE’s national command center, which is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

“We believe we have the most advanced, proactive security surveillance solution available. Architected to support the specific requirements of 24/7/365 interactive monitoring, we have a truly state-of-the-art national command center at which a team of highly trained intervention specialists are ready to identify, evaluate, and respond,” said Rick Cook, Executive Vice President of Sales at THRIVE Intelligence. “Our center was built from the ground up to provide a level of safety and security not found elsewhere in the industry.”

From The Ground Up

THRIVE’s central command center relies on a leading-edge automation system designed and built by the Company’s engineers. Regardless of the security devices monitored, THRIVE normalizes and ties together “islands of technology” into a simple and intuitive operator interface. The automation platform consolidates alarms from multiple sources into a single, prioritized event for effective, efficient, management control, making deployment simple and adding value to existing investments in systems and services.

When an alarm or event occurs, it is immediately reviewed by personnel located at THRIVE’s 24,000 square foot, custom designed command center. This fully redundant facility, with full disaster recovery capabilities, provides monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Personnel monitoring the video are licensed security intervention specialists and are supervised by seasoned law enforcement professionals.

Live footage of events, monitored by personnel at 16 operator stations in the command center, can be streamed directly to customers, including active, onsite guards, and law enforcement officers en route via a smartphone, tablet or computer. In addition, incident reports and non-event footage in storage are provided with THRIVE’s service.

Some of the technologies and capabilities that come together at THRIVE’s command center to provide the industry’s most robust, proactive video security offering include:

  • Edge-based Analytics: Analytics increase the value of video surveillance by enabling security systems to work smarter and overcome human error. Services include presence, enter/exit, and perimeter monitoring; additional services include virtual escort and guard tours on demand.
  • Two-way Audio: This refers to real time audio communication with customer sites for alarm verification and monitoring purposes. THRIVE’s system is able to send and receive audio feeds to and from any audio-equipped location.
  • Customer Portal: THRIVE’s platform provides remote connection solutions that enable monitoring access as if the customer is onsite looking at the live video feed. Live and recorded video is available via customer personal communication devices.
  • GPS: Global positioning systems (GPS) deployed in THRIVE’s command center enable the company to provide a total solution for loss prevention and recovery

To learn more about THRIVE’s video security as a service, contact Rick Cook, Executive Vice President of Sales, at 972-331-6903 or at

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