Athens Ohio City County Health Department Deploys Brivo Access Control

Athens Ohio City County Health Department Deploys Brivo Access Control

Athens Ohio City County Health Department Deploys Brivo Access Control

Brivo Systems LLC, a cloud applications solution provider for security management, today announced that the Athens City-County Health Department utilizes Brivo ACS WebService to secure their facility, located in Athens, OH. Tyco Integrated Security is the dealer and installer for this project.

For years, the Athens Health Department used standard lock and key to secure their facility. “We were aware that if someone wanted to steal a key or make a copy, they could get into the building at any time,” observed Charles Hammer, administrator, Athens City-County Health Department. “This was a vulnerability that was unnecessary.”

In 2009, the health department had funding available from federal and state grants to enhance their ability to respond to health emergencies. “While we are continuously improving our communications strategies and training staff, we identified a pressing need to better secure our facility,” recalled Hammer. Hammer sent out a request for bids and from among the many responses he and his team chose the Brivo solution offered by Tyco Integrated Security.

“We were looking for a system that would give us a level of security needed for a primary response entity in the event of a health emergency. Once we saw the Brivo system in action, we got that, and we also got excellent day-to-day access management as well,” said Hammer.

“The Brivo system has been a perfect fit. The off-site, anytime control of the system was very appealing. Now, for example, if I get a call from a nursing director that she’s sending an authorized person to our building, I can grant access from home or anywhere I have the Internet. Also, I can configure access cards to operate in a very particular way, with very specific access privileges,” Hammer explained.

Hammer has divided his full-time employees, part-time employees, outside contractors, and health service partners into 10 groups, each with different day, time, and location access privileges.

“I have the cleaning crew programmed only for access from 4:00-5:30. If someone gets one of those cards, they can’t get in except during that period, and I know what card was used to attempt an unauthorized access and when—it’s very comforting to know we have this level of reporting and control.”

Athens Ohio City County Health Department Deploys Brivo Access ControlThe Brivo system provides the Athens Health Department excellent security and peace of mind, but it has been crucial to fulfilling other security demands, too. “The trend to increase security for birth, death, and other crucial records is growing,” Hammer related. “The Brivo system is integral to securing our records. Upon evaluation of [our] access control system, we received quick approval from the state, because we could demonstrate concrete steps taken to fulfill the mandate to increase records security.”

Hammer uses his Brivo system to provide reports on staff time and attendance, so he can offer some employees flexible work schedules, even if he is not on-site. He also knows his system provides an audit trail, and in the event of a public health emergency, he can produce a report showing exactly who was at the Command Center in the building, when they arrived, and how long they were present. “We have to be able to document and report on our activities during an emergency, what you did and when—we can do that with Brivo.”

“The control with the Brivo system is superb. This was a very satisfying, dramatic leap in our use of technology. As an IT layperson, I find the system very user friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend it,” Hammer concluded.

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