aptiQ Alliance Program Welcomes BadgePress

aptiQ Alliance Program Welcomes BadgePress

aptiQ Alliance Program Welcomes BadgePressWith BadgePass becoming an aptiQ Alliance member, corporate, education, healthcare and government organizations can now implement ID badging, single-step enrollment, physical access, and time and attendance solutions that easily incorporate aptiQ smart card and prospective near-field-communications-enabled smart phone credentials in a fully-integrated, identity management solution.

“Through our aptiQ Alliance Program, we develop collaborative relationships with other companies to provide a broader range of offerings, all in an effort to serve customers better and extend the use of their aptiQ credential,” said Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Director of Technology Alliances, Diane Kehlenbeck. “Members of the aptiQ Alliance Program, such as BadgePass, are chosen based on their commitment to solving end user problems using Ingersoll Rand’s open, highly-secure aptiQ smart card technology.”

By virtue of the aptiQ Alliance, BadgePass’ Identity Manager Photo ID Software reads the aptiQ card number into the database during the print process using supported printer smart card enrollment modules. It also supports USB smart card enrollment readers. BadgePass Access Manager works with all aptiQ readers as well as Schlage AD-Series 300 and 400 locks. For seamless enrollment and card activation, BadgePass Web Print, a printing service that provides customers the benefit of having photo ID badges printed on aptiQ credentials, is also fully-integrated with the BadgePass Access Control solution. 

“Current BadgePass solutions include Access Manager, Visitor Manager and Identity Manager,” added BadgePass President, Phillip King. “By joining the aptiQ Alliance and providing open architecture smart-card-based access control integration, BadgePass users will be able to enjoy the benefits of a truly integrated, identity management platform using aptiQ smart cards and, ultimately, letting them create a security workflow that best fits their specific organization and customize the design to best accomplish their goals.”  

Visitors to the ISC West Exhibition, April 10-12, at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas can discuss these solutions with experts at either company’s booth. BadgePass will be located at Booth 25139 while Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies will be in Booth 20029.

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