Speco Technologies Adds More Functionality to its CS Wall Mount DVR Lineup

Speco Technologies Adds More Functionality to its CS Wall Mount DVR Lineup

Speco Technologies Adds More Functionality to its CS Wall Mount DVR LineupToday, Speco Technologies, a manufacturer of video surveillance solutions that deter crime, announced immediate availability of the new WCSPM DVR, the latest and most anticipated addition to the Speco wall mount DVR series.

The WCSPM DVR is an enhanced product introduction for Speco’s WCS family of DVRs. This incredibly powerful DVR now offers both options of built-in CCTV power supply and monitor for ease-of-camera setup and features-advanced analytics, such as thumbnail search and Digital Deterrent with 2-way audio. The WCSPM has an intuitive and simple graphical user interface for easy setup and installation, and offers superior image quality with outstanding functionality to meet the high standard of security demands today.   

The patented, wall-mountable, lock box provides a covert design that limits onsite user access while maintaining the high standard of security demands today. A perfect solution for projects that require both versatility and stability while providing a concealed

With an optimized data compression of H.264, the WCSPM DVR is perfect for those who need an easy, quick installation and configuration setup. The unit features an IR remote controller, on-screen keyboard and simple point and click operation of detailed features. CIF real-time recording coordinates with Date/Time, Calendar, Event, Motion/Museum and Text-in search. Available in 4 & 8 channels, with HDD storage from 500GB to 2TB, it is the first of many new additions and improvements to come to the Wall Mount Series this year from Speco.

As with all of the S-Series DVR’s, the WCSPM features EZNetwork. This feature allows an installer to open a “wizard” to walk through all of the steps for a successful connection to the Internet. All steps are taken care of by the EZNetwork Wizard. The DVR will get an IP address, DDNS name and even use UPnP to port forward the router.

Remote viewing on iPhone, Blackberry or Droid is available after downloading the free app.  The WCSPM DVR also comes with a 3 year warranty.

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