SWAC from RTTG Ensures Members Who Access Critical Infrastructure Sites are Safe

SWAC from RTTG Ensures Members Who Access Critical Infrastructure Sites are Safe

SWAC from RTTG Ensures Members Who Access Critical Infrastructure Sites are SafeReal-Time Technology Group (RTTG), a provider of identity solutions, brings to market an unprecedented solution that enables public agencies and private enterprises to work together cooperatively to secure critical infrastructure and sensitive facilities, like the World Trade Center construction project.

Known simply as SWAC, this Secure Worker Access Consortium, driven by RTTG's Real-Time Verification (RTV) technology platform, is a comprehensive, highly-secure, information-sharing program that helps to ensure that workers who access critical facilities or key infrastructures are known, safe and threat-free.

SWAC securely collects and privately manages members' personal information; Verifies workers' identities and threat-free backgrounds; Provides real-time information for authentication of access rights at critical infrastructure sites; Audits the history of every member's activities; Supports a trusted contractor community that is known, skilled and threat-free; Stands ready to serve our nations' sensitive sites; and, Ensures maximum personal privacy protection.

Using secure Web-based hosting, SWAC enables credentialing information to be securely transferred in real time, to any entity anywhere in the world, with only a Web connection.

Real-Time Technology Group and its Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC) project earned the prestigious distinction of being named a 2013 Computerworld Honors Laureate this spring. The Honors program recognizes organizations and individuals who have used information technology to promote and advance public welfare, benefit society and business, and change the world for the better. RTTG's SWAC project also was named a winner this April in the 2013 Govies Government Security Award competition. The awards honor outstanding government security products in a variety of categories. SWAC won the Govie in the Homeland Security category.

In our post 9-11 world, SWAC has proven to be an incredibly secure, cost-effective access solution as it eliminates massive duplication of effort and costs among participating facilities.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), for example, has contracted SWAC through 2018 and is among the more than 2,500 corporate, New York/New Jersey, local labor unions and over 90,000 applications processed from individuals in the NY Metro area participating in the consortium. They've all come to rely on this versatile, customizable technology to provide the security and trusted verification they need to collaboratively, and collectively, protect critical infrastructure and provide real-time, personal identity verification of workers who travel among worksites.

The personal privacy of participating members is ensured as all data is encrypted and protected from unauthorized viewing at all points of information collection, processing and storage. Access to data is permission-based and tactically enforced by security requirements that demand private, limited access for verification purposes.

"Using our Real Time Verification technology, SWAC enables state agencies, facility managers, labor unions and contractors to work together effectively and assures personal identity authentication at sensitive facilities," said Dan Krantz, CEO of RTTG. "When it comes to protecting our critical infrastructure, agencies, responders and all involved, contractor communities desperately need to be able to securely share information. It's paramount, and real-time communication provides the foundation for building trusted contractor communities regionally and nationally," he added.

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