Trikke Adds to the Fun of ASIS 2013

Trikke Adds to the Fun of ASIS 2013

Let’s face it, when you get down to it, tradeshows are a lot of fun, and ASIS 2013 proved no different!

Zipping around the trade show floor, ducking between booths and Tweeting about all the exciting security products and services (oh, and the awesome free stuff the companies were giving away like pens, luggage tags, etc.), I was extremely excited about my last day. Not because I wanted to return to the steamy, hot Texas heat, but because I was going to ride a Trikke with John Simpson, CEO of Trikke Tech, Inc. (Which by the way, he told me previously in an email that he would race me…he won! But, to my defense, I think he had the upper advantage, having had lots of previous practice!)

On the morning of September 26, I arrived at the Trikke Tech, Inc. booth on the trade show floor approximately 5 minutes before my scheduled appointment time, and guess who I saw?

Ralph Jensen, editor in chief of Security Products magazine, aka, my boss! He had beaten me to the booth and was already getting on the Trikke EV Patrol, a three-wheeled vehicle for the security guard market. Tongue-in-cheek, I thought, “Even though I’m an only child, I can’t exactly push him off and scream, ‘Hey, it’s MY turn!’” So, I videoed him instead:

Having never ridden a Trikke vehicle, I thought Ralph (and I) glided around pretty smoothly, but as Simpson demonstrated and explained, this is due to the cambering, meaning it leans with the natural movement of your body as you ride the vehicle.

After sampling for myself, the Trikke:

  • Operates easily and safely in tight spaces and within crowds - It turns on a dime.
  • Requires minimal maintenance – It has a quick-swap battery that can literally be changed in seconds, making it highly reliable.
  • Transports easily – The Trikke, made of aircraft-grade aluminum, actually folds up for easy transport and weighs approximately 37 to 46lbs, with the battery installed. In fact, Simpson told me that he could fit three, folded Trikkes in the trunk of his Prius!
  • Requires minimal training – With a rugged, stable, delta shape, the Trikke is very simple to mount and dismount, and with the cambering frame technology, it’s simple to maneuver at all speeds. Basically, just jump on and go!

“Customers want a vehicle that is portable, safe to operate and reliable,” said Simpson. “The Trikke Patrol Vehicle delivers low maintenance, minimal training and maximum effectiveness at a very fair price.”

Well, I believe the Trikke has all that…plus, it’s fun!

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Ginger Hill is Group Social Media Manager.

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