Ocularis Provides 64 bit Recording across All Models

Ocularis Provides 64 bit Recording across All Models

OnSSI is prepared to meet demanding user requirements by offering Ocularis Provides 64 bit Recording across All Models64-bit recording technology in every version of the company’s Ocularis Video Management System (VMS). With a host of new features and increased performance, Ocularis is perfectly positioned to support emerging trends of systems with a higher number of HD and megapixel cameras according to Ken LaMarca, vice president of sales and marketing, OnSSI.

“Video surveillance and security professionals’ expectations for high definition images are subject to both internal and external market influencers. Consumer driven technologies are helping to quickly establish higher expectations and baselines for professional video surveillance applications,” continued LaMarca. “Advancements in high density imagers and 4K and 8K display technologies continue to raise the bar for increased situational awareness, and will continue to make inroads for mainstream surveillance and security applications moving forward. Ocularis is already positioned to take advantage of these enhancements.”

In addition to including 64-bit recorders, Ocularis v3.8 further enhances overall performance, speed and optimization while increasing camera capacities. More specifically, v3.8 provides better integration for Ocularis PS with third party physical security systems to receive events and alerts. Ocularis IS is now faster with enhanced system performance. Ocularis CS can now accommodate an unlimited number of cameras with even faster performance.

“Now, every version of Ocularis has the same 64-bit benefits as Ocularis LS and ES to address higher performance needs and expectations at every level of application,” concluded LaMarca.

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