Kwikset Joins Forces with Building Homes for Heroes

Kwikset Joins Forces with Building Homes for Heroes

Kwikset announced a new relationship with Building Homes for Heroes, aKwikset Joins Forces with Building Homes for Heroes nonprofit organization that builds homes from the ground up or modifies existing homes to meet the needs of veterans returning from war with severe wounds and disabilities. Through this new association, Kwikset has committed to supplying a full complement of locks and door hardware to outfit the mortgage-free homes that the organization produces.

Kwikset kicked off its participation by supplying SmartCode Deadbolt and Lever locks as well as assorted door hardware to a home in St. Petersburg, Florida, for Army Sergeant Charles Claybaker of the 75th Ranger Regiment, who was severely wounded in Afghanistan. Following the success of this project, Kwikset is outfitting a home in Naples, Florida for Army Sergeant Brent Hernandez, who was also injured in an aircraft crash in Afghanistan.

Building Homes for Heroes gifted 17 mortgage-free homes to veterans and their families throughout the country in 2013. With support from an ever-growing number of individuals and corporations, the organization intends to carry out the construction of 25-30 homes in 2014 and each year thereafter for veterans who were wounded while serving in the armed forces during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kwikset expects to be involved in all of these homes.

While contributing to the spirit of our communities and country, these mortgage-free homes help to remove the family's financial burden, help to restore the individual's freedom and enable the veteran to lead a more independent and productive civilian life.

Keith Brandon, director of residential access solutions for Kwikset, said that the decision to become involved in this venture was an easy one.

"These brave men and women fight every day for our freedom in difficult circumstances," he explained. "In the process, they make significant personal and physical sacrifices. These homes go a long way towards helping them put their lives back together. Contributing our products to make this happen is the least we can do to support that effort.

"Ultimately, this is another example of how Kwikset is proud to contribute to the quality of life in the communities in which we live and work."

Chad Gottlieb, director of construction development for Building Homes for Heroes, said, "Our organization counts on growing support from contractors, corporations, volunteers and supporters to achieve our goals. Having a market-leading company like Kwikset join our mission not only helps ensure that we get quality security products for the homes, it also sends a terrific message to other companies who are thinking of getting involved."

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