infinias Expands Integration Capabilities with Identity One Partnership

infinias, a manufacturer and provider of IP-based access control software and hardware, announced a strategic integration partnership with Identity One, a provider of biometric hardware.

The integration combines IP-based access control technology from infinias, with biometric technology from Identity One. The result: an integrated fingerprint biometric and access control solution that provides enhanced security at the door.

infinias Expands Integration Capabilities with Identity One PartnershipThe infinias Ethernet-enabled eIDC32 door controller and Intelli-M Access management software work seamlessly with the Morpho fingerprint biometric readers from Identity One. Intelli-M Access synchronizes with Identity One’s Bio Manager software. Every time a user presents their biometric identity via fingerprint at the Morpho fingerprint biometric reader, the individual is identified by a unique number which is sent to the door controller. All existing access control rules are then applied and the user is granted or denied access.

“We are thrilled to partner with infinias Expands Integration Capabilities with Identity One PartnershipIdentity One,” said Wayne Jared, president of infinias. “The demand for biometrics is steadily growing in the access control industry, with more enterprises looking to further enhance security and accountability at their facility. We are pleased to provide integrators and end-users with a cost-effective biometric security solution for high-security installations that works seamlessly with infinias Intelli-M Access software for simple and secure access management.”

Biometric technology provides an additional layer of security for access control by providing a highly-accurate, highly-secure solution. No two fingerprints are alike. Biometric technology ascertains that a user who is permitted access is actually the person attempting to gain access based upon their unique biometric credentials—the ridges, grooves and minutia points of their fingerprint.

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