Fluidmesh Releases the FM4200 for Mobile Applications

Fluidmesh Networks, a manufacturer of wireless systems for security, industrial, and mission-critical applications, is pleased to announce the release of its Fluidmesh Releases the FM4200 for Mobile ApplicationsFM4200 MOBI. Designed specifically for mobility projects, the FM4200 MOBI radio is based on Fluidity, a Fluidmesh technology that offers broadband connectivity and enables data/video streaming in mobile environments, such as in trains, buses, ferries and cars, even at high speed.

The FM4200 MOBI follows in the footsteps of FM's MITO and ENDO series radios, but is even better suited specifically for mobile applications because of the many new features it offers, including:

-A resistant aluminum enclosure;

-m12 cabling; and

-A gigabit port for a faster network connection.

The FM4200 radios can be installed on track-side poles to deliver fast and stable Wi-Fi on board. The FM4200 MOBI has received numerous railway certifications, making it ready for deployment on many railway systems both in the U.S. and worldwide. Greatly enhancing the passenger experience, it enables riders to work on board with reliable email and Internet access, and uninterrupted phone service. For train operators, the technology translates into increased ridership and many other significant benefits, including significant cost reductions.

Investing in Fluidmesh technology and track-side radios rather than 3g/4g reduces train operator costs because they pay only once for the infrastructure to connect the radios, rather than paying ongoing subscription fees to a mobile phone carrier. And, if there is already an existing mobile phone infrastructure in place, such as a 3g/LTE network, train operators can simply start to add Fluidity where this coverage is missing or requiring more bandwidth, as for instance in tunnels or in areas where the 3g/LTE coverage is not complete.

Far more data can be transferred with the Fluidmesh solution than with 3g/LTE connections, allowing transport operators to better connect moving vehicles to the ground. The end results are far-reaching and include:

- More satisfied passengers, because their Wi-Fi connection will be markedly improved on-board, allowing them to access the Internet, field emails and mobile phone calls, communicate via Skype or videoconference, or just relax with a streaming movie from a provider such as Netflix.

- On-board video surveillance capabilities so train operators can view, in a control room in real time, what is happening on the train without having to wait to view camera recordings afterwards.

- The ability to provide on-board ticketing and additional customer services.

- Communication-based train control (CBTC), allowing the vehicle to communicate to the traffic control rooms all the data needed, including speed and location.

"We at Fluidmesh are thrilled to be able to bring the new FM4200 MOBI to market,” noted notes Cosimo Malesci, Fluidmesh EVP of sales and marketing. “Although we have been providing high-speed broadband connectivity to fast moving vehicles using Fluidity and our Endo and MITO radios for the past couple of years, the features on our new FM4200 MOBI are even more ideally suited to the needs of train operators worldwide. We are thrilled to be able to offer this capability to train and mass transit operators all over the world, as well as to their customers."

The FM4200 MOBI will be released and available in September 2014.

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