Tips and Strategies for Securing Datacenters

Tips and Strategies for Securing Datacenters

When I think about datacenter security, usually the first thing that pops into my mind is cybersecurity tools and strategies to prevent hackers from penetrating and gaining access to the important data stored therein. However, security of datacenters should actually begin with physical security of the perimeter to add another layer of security between the data and individuals with malicious intent.

Tips and Strategies for Securing DatacentersEvery datacenter usually has its own set of unique physical security challenges, as does any facility, making it difficult to secure, but after reading “A Guide to Physical Datacenter Security,” I offer you the following strategies and tips:

  1. Protect the perimeter: Develop a physical security policy for the datacenter, and ensure that every employee is aware and follows it. Consider implementing biometric access or security guards. Install CCTV monitoring equipment facing each of the outside walls, and don’t forget to aim a few cameras at the ceiling. Some intruders will try to use the ceiling as a crawl space to gain entry.

  2. Segregate loading and storage areas: Servers that do not contain data are still susceptible to an attack if physical access to the server is gained by a malicious individual due to sophisticated technology. This technology can be installed or implanted into servers, search data and report back to a central location without ever being detected.
  3. When receiving a shipment of bare servers, be sure the loading dock is segregated and secured away from the storage area to help prevent someone compromising the integrity of the equipment before it even gets on the racks.

  4. Keep power and network cabling neat: Obviously power is needed to turn on servers and have them communicate; therefore, make sure all cabling is nice, neat and clean to help prevent employees from making a mistake inside the datacenter. This could lead to unscheduled downtime and could compromise data integrity.

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