An Educational Look at ASIS 2014

Before every event I attend, it seems I’m always at a loss for words. You see, I don’t like knowing what’s going to happen; I just like going and absorbing things as they come. That’s the fun of it…the unexpected! But, seeing as I am a journalist, I guess it’s my job to be a bit nosey. So, I got busy fishing around for some awesome ASIS 2014 things to share.

It may be a little late now, seeing as most of us already have our flights booked, but if you happen to arrive in Atlanta a few days early, there are some awesome pre-seminar programs that you might want to attend. The two that caught my eye were:

School Safety and Security: “What We Need is a Plan” – This two-day program, held on Saturday, September 27 and Sunday the 28th from 8am to 5pm, helps answer the eye-opening question that schools across America are asking regarding security, “Do we have enough?” One superintendent asked this question of his district’s security, faculty and facility staff. Their response: “what we need is a plan.”

I guess a school can have all the latest in security technology, but if there’s not an established and effective plan as to what to do in each possible situation, it doesn’t really matter.

Becoming a Successful Security Consultant – This one-day program, held on Sunday, September 28 from 8am to 5pm, is the only course of its kind offered on how to successfully launch a new security consulting practice. It teaches attendees how to develop, market and deliver consulting services based on trust while avoiding costly mistakes. Each attendee will take home a comprehensive workbook of sample proposals and reports.

I find this course to be extremely unique. Through my work, I meet a ton of security professionals and executives from many companies. I remember asking one security company executive if it is possible to become a security consultant if one doesn’t have an educational background in security or has never been in the industry. The response with a slight laugh and sigh, “What do you think?” I thought this was a bit brash, so I’m glad to see ASIS is stepping up to educate.

With sessions that are sure to educate and inspire, I’m equally as excited to see the Women in Security Working Group’s programming schedule for ASIS 2014. A roundtable discussion on Monday, September 29th from 1:45pm to 3:00pm opens their seminar sessions, followed by sessions throughout ASIS 2014. A panel discussion about women in security on Wednesday, October 1st from 3:30pm-4:30pm closes their sessions with a networking reception to follow.

My ASIS schedule is booked, but I plan on attending the panel discussion on Wednesday, so be sure to look for Tweets about this session @GingerHill13.

I wish you all a safe flight out to Atlanta for this year’s show. Please be sure to look for live Tweets from the showroom floor from @GingerHill13 and refer to Security Today’s ASIS-dedicated page for everything that has to do with ASIS 2014.

Oh, and some advice: comfortable shoes, pack snacks, stay hydrated and bring Band-Aids…just in case. Feet blisters are the worst!

About the Author

Ginger Hill is Group Social Media Manager.


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