One New and One Popular Security Trend Discovered at ASIS 2014

There's a particular hum at all tradeshows: the sound of voices talking and electronic devices interjecting their digital sounds, a cross between human and machine. Yet, each tradeshow has a feel all its own. This year, ASIS 2014 seems to come in "waves."

Circulating throughout the showroom floor, I am privy to a lot of comments that are meant for the listener only. As not to disclose any information that is to be held in top confidentiality, I can say this, I heard more than one exhibitor say that they would receive an influx of people and then things seem to calm down, partly because there are educational sessions taking place in conjunction with the exhibits. Not that this is necessarily considered "good" or "bad," just an observation.

It was through these "waves" that I was able to learn of a new trend as well as learn of one of the most popular trends in the security industry.

Starting with one of the most popular trends, HID Global's Jeremy Hyatt, director, global public relations and corporate communications, said that it's all about mobile and mobility, being able to take your credentials with you.

As the traditional PROXY card shifts to the mobile category, HID enables the use of NFC technology or Bluetooth LE to create the convenience of virtual credentials. And, it not just about the tap of a card anymore. Users can stand a few feet away from the card reader, face their smartphone toward it and HID's SEOS technology identifies the individual. Then, with the twist of the smartphone, Bluetooth LE is engaged, allowing communication to the card reader. Access granted or access denied.

The new emerging trend was when I found Waldo at ASIS 2014. (Yes, I'm talking about the guy with the round, black rimmed glasses and the red and white striped hat! He was there!) Anyway, the new trend, identified to me by Solink, is found in the retail security market: loyalty fraud.

Most shoppers are aware of reward cards offered by most retail stores these days. You know the drill: the clerk asks for your card or phone number in order for you to accumulate points toward a reward for shopping at a particular store. However, if you're like me, I tend to forget these cards. So, the employee politely says, "That's okay," and I notice him/her swipe a card anyway. This could be fraud!

Retail employees are seeing the value of unused points from shoppers, so they are capitalizing on them by swiping their reward card for the customer's purchases, gaining value points from the items you and I typically purchase. Well, it's the start of day two of ASIS 2014. Wonder what I'll discover today?

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