ASIS 2014: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

With sore muscles in my shoulders, legs and feet, ASIS 2014 is complete. I'm back home in Texas now, with many innovative thoughts about the security industry and good memories to boot. The last day of the show proved to be one of a much slower pace, yet it was still filled with smiles, laughter and extensive dialog regarding products, services and the security industry.

The overall feedback from the vendors seemed to reflect that there was more foot traffic this year as aisles as well as booths were fuller. I can attest to this because as I zig-zagged through the crowd to make my next appointment, I had to perform some rather strategic moves and take creative routes. This is a great "problem" to have, though, for security manufacturers and service providers.

My pace on the last day was slower as well; but, I did fulfill my appointments and met with some unique people and companies. Here's a sampling:

Christie Digital Services – Starting as a manufacturer of displays, Christie has now moved into the security industry by providing projection for control rooms. On display, was their Phoenix, an IP-based display with an open API to create custom situational awareness applications.

Christie's goal is to be solutions minded, providing each customer a complete solution.

"We offer everything from processes to displays and everything in between," said Dave Muscat, senior director, visualization, simulation and control room solutions, Americas region. "We offer field expertise and enjoy serving and helping customers."

iJet – As a risk-management company, iJet is an intelligence driven company, who knows how to track the movement of people. In order to do this with expertise, iJet believes in three principles:

  • Prepare – train and know where the risks are. 
  • Monitor – track and keep an eye on people. 
  • Respond – when an incident occurs, what is the protocol of response.

"There is a craft to intelligence," said John Rose, COO. "We must be able to receive the information, analyze it and create intelligence that is meaningful and actionable to our clients."

iJet is on target to track over 130 million human travel movements this year, which is the core of their business.

Pivot3 – As a proud recipient of Security Products' New Product of the Year award, Suzanne Attenborough was thrilled to show me their displayed award in their booth. She was equally as excited to tell me all about the product that won them that award: the Virtual Security Server.

As a flexible way to deliver secure, centralized video management capabilities, any time, any place without deploying additional graphics-enabled PCs, virtual security server saves the customer money. VMS can conveniently be managed on-site or remotely, and existing PCs can be used to for monitoring purposes. This solution is also scalable and designed to meet the needs of the market – corrections, casinos, retail – any environment in which secure viewing is a priority.

"Pivot3 is excited to be moving forward with technology," said Attenborough. "We strive to provide the ultimate in server storage protection and security mobile management."

TrakLoc – High value cargo theft – intermodal and via truck – is a prominent risk around the world. Some trucks are using padlocks in an attempt to secure the cargo that is stored inside their trailer; however, in 2 seconds a bolt cutter can give access to this cargo to criminals. TrakLok offers a cost-effective viable solution.

TrakLoc is a robust locking system that communicates with a web interface and houses a built-in data system, complete with GPS tracking. It is also geo-fence-based system, meaning that it only works at the right place with the right person at the right time. These features work in unison to help add an additional layer of security.

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