Mixed Reviews

ASIS 2014 is all said and done. It seems to me many of the exhibitors had some great new technology to share with attendees. I saw a number of products that will make a different in the industry for some time to come.

There are a few problems with ASIS, especially the past couple of years. Most of the issues, for me, are outside the confines of the tradeshow hall. For instance, while leaving the tradeshow on Monday and trying to get to a scheduled dinner, traffic outside was worse than worse. I would hope that ASIS officials would work with the city's law enforcement to direct the increased amount of traffic.

I also understand why ASIS moves from city to city. I am fortunate to be invited on a media tour to the chosen city a few months before ASIS. I've met the nicest people who sit on local ASIS chapters. They understand security, and practice it faithfully.

In my experience with ASIS and tradeshows, please hold the tradeshow in one place and leave it there. I'm thinking Dallas is a great central location, and there is nothing like Texas hospitality. Short of that, Las Vegas. I'm not a Las Vegas kind of guy but the tradeshow industry in Sin City is very successful.

This version of ASIS came with mixed reviews. Many of the exhibitors had pretty good foot traffic, but it came at a price. Other exhibitors lacked the foot traffic necessary to generate good business leads. I would love to see the association make it their goal to help each and every exhibitor get enough traffic to ensure the tradeshow is successful.

Just a last thought: Since many, if not most, exhibitors want to meet with a member of the trade press, I would love to see ASIS provide a service to the exhibitors that would offer new products and press releases on one thumb drive. They do offer exhibitors the opportunity to place a media kit in the press room but, holding on to numerous media kits is bulky and heavy. One thumb drive is a game changer. A thumb drive is a great technological improvement.

See you next year in Anaheim.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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