Secura Key Offers Updated Card Ordering Guide

Secura Key announces an update to its Card Ordering Guide, which allows resellers and customers to have a reference tool for all aspects of the card ordering process. The guide includes available card types, instructions on choosing formats and various printing options for all technologies in the Secura Key Catalog.Secura Key Offers Updated Card Ordering Guide

Significant changes include the addition of Wiegand Card Ordering information, as well as changes to the Custom Printing Procedures.

Wiegand Card Ordering information was previously provided on separate forms, but is now incorporated into the Card Ordering Guide, so that the popular legacy Wiegand Swipe cards can be easily ordered – The Guide now includes illustrations of the standard Wiegand art files.

This ordering guide has been rewritten to include Secura Key’s new policy on Custom Artwork. Secura Key has reduced artwork setup charges to a one-time flat fee, so that existing custom art files do not require a new printing charge every time, but they do require a 250 card minimum.

Information on dye sub printing of cards has been updated, as well as the technical requirements for custom artwork.

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