Personal Safety on an African Safari

Personal Safety on an African Safari

As the weather warms up, I find myself day dreaming fun-in-the-sun activities, picnics, swimming, hiking…maybe a trek around an African safari? I wish because that would be a check mark I could add to my bucket list…just not with this guy!

The safari guide in the following video is leading a group of tourists though a rugged, grassy field while he warns them to keep their voices low and stick together. A man in the group interrupted, loudly, and the guide shushed the man.

Afterward, low guttural growls resembling those of a lion can be heard and the loud-mouthed man walks toward the sound, camera at the ready! The guide quickly grabs him and pulls him back, but the guide started shouting at him, “There’s a huge animal in the bush! Shut up…keep quiet…stay here,” as he walked off, telling the group that a Jeep is coming for them and to stay there.

So much for quietness. Hope the tourists made it back to safety and out of the grasp of the wild beast lurking amid the bush.

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