4K up to 7K Cameras Versus Available Monitors

4K up to 7K Cameras Versus Available Monitors

I'm pretty jazzed about ISC West 2015 because this will be my third one to attend, and as "they" say, "third times' a charm." I wonder what my "charm" will be this year in Vegas.

Over the past four weeks or so, I have received press release after press release from various companies, highlighting what they will be showcasing at ISC West, but honestly, I'm a little confused about one of the newer products…the 4K all the way up to 7K cameras. I mean I'm all for high resolution and clarity, but if the monitor that they camera is connected to doesn't support this, the view will not see any difference in the images produced.

Camera manufacturers seem to be on top of their game when it comes to embracing these higher megapixels; however, the struggle is with the monitors. Take Avigilon, for example. They will be showcasing their 6K and 7K (30 megapixel, single-sensor) cameras at ISC West that are said to provide maximum scene coverage while minimizing bandwidth and storage consumption. And, when coupled with their software, the camera is supposed to have a horizontal resolution in excess of 7,000 pixels with more than 30 million pixels total.

Out of curiosity, I "googled" "highest megapixel monitor" and lo and behold, I found an 8MP monitor that is being used mostly in the medical field. But, with a price point of approximately $35,000 per monitor, I don't think the security industry as a whole is ready for that kind of investment.

I swear my feet have magnets when it comes to the tradeshow floor in the Sands Expo Center because I just love learning new information within the security industry and seeing new products that help create a safer world.

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