HID Global Launches Innovative RFID Tag

HID Global announced the introduction of the LinTag family of UHF tags for RFID tracking high-volume, commercially laundered bed linens, towels and garments.  The tiny LinTag transponders affix securely and discreetly to textiles, creating an ideal solution for hospitality organizations or healthcare institutions requiring repeated harsh cleaning and sterilization processes, along with more reliable audit trails to manage infection control procedures. Organizations can also tag linens and gowns to monitor usage and inventories, automate distribution, reduce depreciation, and lower staffing needs.

The innovative LinTag RFID transponders enable organizations to closely monitor and manage large volumes of sanitized clothing and fabrics. The transponders can withstand the rigors of industrial washing, including exposure to water, cleaning chemicals, sterilizing heat, and extraction pressure up to 60 bar. The patented design guarantees consistent performance over the life of the tag, and real-time traceability delivers more accurate and timely billing for enhanced customer satisfaction.

“In contrast to garments, sheets, towels and other linens are washed more frequently and endure a tougher cleaning and drying process,” said Richard Aufreiter, director of product management for Identification Technologies with HID Global.  “Historically, this made using RFID for optimizing inventory and accounting processes difficult or impossible. The new LinTag line enables industrial laundries and commercial cleaners to use RFID technology for improved inventory control, reduced labor requirements, and better lifecycle management of linens, textiles, uniforms, and other garments.”

HID Global partnered with Foundation Logic Systems, a provider of advanced and innovative software technology solutions for hotels, casinos, theme parks, commercial laundries and other linen intensive industries to accurately and cost-effectively manage assets.

“Adopting industry-leading technology is paramount, which is why we are incorporating HID Global’s new LinTag into our offering, said Marvin S. Tulman, founder and CEO of Foundation Logic Systems. “The tag addresses our need to deliver the most advanced solution to our customers that also withstands their harsh washing and drying environments.”

LinTag units are available in three form factors – stitch, heat-seal or embedded. Each version is easily applied and inconspicuously placed into textiles. LinTag Heat-seal units attach effortlessly via heat-transfer adhesive. Extensions on LinTag Stitch units allow them to be directly stitched onto or woven into fabric, without the need for an extra pouch or cover, and embedded units can be sewn into a small hem or pocket.

HID Global LinTag transponders are designed for optimal performance and are also resistant to chemicals, oils, and salt. The tags can endure up to 300 commercial laundry cycles and can also be used in garment production and management, as well as other applications like brand protection of bags or leather products. HID Global LinTag units deliver 128 bit EPC memory, anti-collision functionality, fast data rate communication and read ranges of up to 10 ft. (3 m). Additionally, the tags can be adapted to special form factors, making them an ideal solution for many clothing applications.

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