Altronix Unveils LINQ Network Communication and Control Solution

Altronix has introduced LINQ Network Communication and Control Solution here at ISC West. LINQ provides remote IP access to real-time data from power supplies and distribution devices to help keep systems up and running at optimal levels. An innovative new communication solution for networked systems, LINQ facilitates fast and easy installation and set-up, minimizes system downtime, and eliminates unnecessary service calls, which helps reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Early intervention, preventative maintenance and service calls can be handled with higher degrees of accuracy, which improves overall security at users' locations. For integrators looking to expand their service offerings, LINQ can effectively create a new source of Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR).

"Our new LINQ Network Communication and Control Solution enables remote control and management of virtually any power supply and distribution device that has an IP address, filling the communications void that presently exists with today's networked surveillance and security systems," said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. "LINQ technology from Altronix will significantly impact how integrators install and design networked systems, as well as how users manage their systems moving forward."

The new LINQ Network Communication and Control Solution include the following portfolio of products:

The LINQ Network Integration Dashboard is a powerful yet convenient and intuitive IP communication software solution to remotely monitor, report and control any combination of individual or multiple groups of products across any number of locations and systems.

LINQ8PD Intelligent Distribution Modules enable IP communications and control of up to eight analog power supplies and/or distribution devices from Altronix or virtually any other manufacturer.

LINQ2 Communication Modules are designed to provide advanced IP communications specifically with Altronix's versatile eFlow Power/Supply Chargers. All of these products can be used in any combination or stand-alone to implement network communications and/or connectivity.

LINQ is ideal for IP video surveillance and access control systems spanning multiple sites, as well as for integrators servicing multiple systems in multi-tenant, multi-user


LINQ sends email and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) TRAP messages to authorized personnel when exceptions in an IP device's operation or status are detected. All status, event notifications and device programming changes are recorded in a detailed event log on a product by product basis. Access to the platform and individual devices is password protected with user defined administration levels.

An Application Program Interface (API) is available to customize LINQ with partnered systems solutions. This enables VMS and access control platforms to be easily integrated with LINQ onto a single platform for comprehensive system control, monitoring and diagnostics.

LINQ8PD Intelligent Distribution Modules and LINQ2 Communication Modules are currently available through Altronix's extensive reseller network. The LINQ Network Integration Dashboard will be available in July 2015 to customers with proof of ownership of Altronix products, as well as for license to customers using other manufacturers' devices.

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