New Ocularis v5.0 Video Management Software Now Available for Delivery

OnSSI announced that the new Ocularis v5.0 Video Management Software (VMS) is now available for delivery for both new customers and for current customer upgrades. Installing this new software brings new capabilities, efficiencies, scalability, and cost effectiveness to support diverse customer requirements and system designs. Built on an open and innovative platform, Ocularis v5.0 is designed to enhance security by providing comprehensive system management and advanced features.

“Ocularis v5.0 is our newest, most capable offering ever,” said Gadi Piran, president and CTO, OnSSI. “It provides a simple, efficient, secure and powerful platform on which to build integrated security systems. Our customers have been eager to take advantage of the new functionality, including improved data storage handling, camera integration, and recorder management, and with this recent release, they can do so immediately.”

Ocularis v5.0 is based on a new recorder that accommodates a high number of cameras per server while maximizing HDD storage effectiveness with dynamic data management for automatic storage load balancing, edge recording support, video aging, and End-to-End 256 bit AES Encryption. Ocularis v5.0 also provides improved site-to-site capabilities and communication with features including push video feeds to remote displays and shared events for quicker responses and greater collaboration.

In addition to these powerful new features, Ocularis v5.0 will continue to support the features that set it apart from competitors, such as Camera NVR, Critical Camera Failover, and PSIM functionality, along with many others.

“OnSSI takes pride in providing a seamless migration path to Ocularis v5.0,” continued Piran. “Current Ocularis users will find it easy to upgrade to the new software and take advantage of the new capabilities.”

Ocularis users with a valid StayCURRENT Software Upgrade Plan can migrate to Ocularis v5.0 free of charge and their StayCURRENT plan remains in effect. For Ocularis v4.1 and earlier customers without a StayCURRENT plan, they can purchase a special, limited time offer for a one-year StayCURRENT plan to easily upgrade to the new Ocularis v5.0 at a greatly reduced cost.

Ocularis v5.0 is offered in three levels:

  • Professional, designed for organizations operating multiple locations with small to mid-sized camera counts;
  • Enterprise, built for a wide range of mid to large IT-centric organizations; and
  • Ultimate, created for large organizations with extended command and control needs and recording server failover.
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