Campus Security Products, LLC Paves Way to Campus Safety and Security

There’s no doubt about it, annual school budgets are tight and with very little if any funding from federal or state sources, schools must find a way to help implement a strong, effective, multi-tiered classroom safety strategy. To help pave the way, Campus Safety Products (CSP), the producer of RhinoWare™ classroom lockdown and safety products, has launched the Safe@School™ Program that empowers parents, family members, civic groups and local businesses from the community to step up and take action to make sure their schools are safer for students, faculty and staff.

“Budgets are tighter than ever for public and private schools and school systems,” said Campus Safety Products CEO, Ed Johnson. “Schools need to implement a multi-tiered security strategy, but because of budget shortfalls, they have to make very hard decisions on what to implement now and what to implement later, if ever.”

Let’s start at the core of providing safety which is the RhinoWare™ door barricade, a low-profile device that is easily engaged during an active shooter lockdown scenario to prevent unwanted intrusion as well as the distress and trauma that typically follows such an event. In addition, CSP proudly installs PSS Bullet and Blast-resistant Window Laminates made of multiple layers to prevent against flying glass shards from bomb blasts and resist bullets from firearms such as 9mm, 12-gauge shotgun, 357or 44 Magnum, AR15 and AK47 Full Metal Jacket.

To help schools provide this protection and other complimentary security solutions, PTAs, parent leadership organizations, booster clubs, local businesses, etc. can choose to participate in the Safe@School™ Program that provides the following for FREE:

  • All marketing materials from flyers and brochures to bumper and window stickers and even text content for radio and TV public service announcements;
  • A customized Safe@School™ billboard for your school or school district;
  • Sponsorship packs with ready-made forms;
  • Sponsorship decals for participating businesses/organizations; and
  • Cool prizes for top performing fundraisers including, t-shirts, tumblers, and laptop backpacks.

“When a school or school district purchases CSP products, we immediately send a team to engage with and train their parent groups and booster clubs on how to kickstart Safe@School,” explained Patricia Morton, director of the Safe@School program. “We work hand-in-hand with them to create immediate success and are always available to assist until their objectives are met.”

At the end of the day, it’s all about availability and action. If schools have the funds available, they can take action to secure their educational environment.

“We created Safe@School so that parent and booster groups could assist their school administrators in recouping much-needed funds so that measures like RhinoWare™ Door Barricade and our exclusive PSS bullet- and blast- resistant window and glass panel laminate could be put in place to save precious lives,” said Johnson. “When you figure it just comes down to a few dollars per student, this is something that an entire community can come together and solve.”

Want to learn more about the Safe@School™ Program or find out how you can become a Safe@School™ Guardian or Safe@School™ Business Sponsor? Send an email to We look forward to partnering with you on this amazing journey to campus security.

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