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Security knows no boundaries or borders. Security comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but mostly security touches everyone in the world that we inhabit. There are some things happening within the security industry that are really making a difference, such as Mission 500.

Approximately 700 children are being sponsored in Mexico through this amazing program, which launched within the security industry in 2007. Mission 500 is a non-profit group dedicated to serving the needs of children and communities in crisis. The driving organization, World Vision, has achieved goals nothing short of outstanding: $.86 of every $1 goes directly to the needy. This is considered one organization with low management overhead among charity organizations.

The name, Mission 500, was set as a goal for the number of children to reach. The security industry has passed that goal and now sponsors about 1,000 children–nearly 700 in Mexico alone. Because this viable charity has been introduced to the security industry, many segments have returned their good fortunes to those in need: associations, distributors, individuals and manufacturers.

Efforts include helping needy children and communities by providing a sustained flow of food, clothing and education to those who might otherwise be malnourished, diseased or without the necessary skills to provide for themselves and their families.

During the middle of May, I attended Expo de Seguridad in Mexico City. Our goal is to roll out an electronic newsletter for readers in Mexico, Central and South America. It will be in Spanish. While at the tradeshow, Mission 500 had a kiosk outside the main entrance. The kiosk was accessible to show attendees, and by the end of three days, 127 new sponsors had been signed up.

This kind of work and dedication is impressive.

During Expo de Seguridad, two children who have been directly affected by the charity’s goodness stood before the group at a gala dinner, thanking each one for the support they have received. On the other side, Eduardo Zapiain, partner and project manager, LOGEN, told attendees about his company’s support for Mission 500. He said everyone from top management to the office cleaning staff have made personal or joint commitments to support a child.

Here’s where it gets good. Alan Forman, president and CEO of Altronix, pledged $10,000, provided that other attendees match with a commitment to sponsor at least 40 children. Local distributor, Tecnosinergia, agreed to sponsor 20 children, and one by one, attendees placed a flower on the “Tree of Hope,” signaling a sponsorship. Forman’s wish was granted as 47 additional child sponsorships were placed.

“It is wonderful to see what the industry in Mexico is able to achieve by coming together to address the needs of children, especially when you see leading companies that compete vigorously in the market come together for a cause like this that impacts all concerned,” said George Fletcher, a Mission 500 volunteer and advisory board member who was present.

During the same event, the show organizers, led by Andrea Ferrando, Expo de Seguridad show director and executive board member for Mission 500, presented a check to World Vision Mexico for $10,000, containing part of the proceeds raised from the sales of gala dinner tickets. All this comes following ISC West, where more than $120,000 was raised.

“We are proud to continue partnering with Mission 500 and all of the security industry in Mexico to make an impact in the lives of children here, by providing security and support for basic nutrition, health and education,” Ferrando said.

Is there anything more important than giving a child a hand up? No, there isn’t. Mission 500 is doing amazing work, and making a difference in the lives of many children. It is impressive and heart-warming to know people care so much for so many little ones.

This article originally appeared in the June 2015 issue of Security Today.

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