Proficio Introduces ProSCAN Remediation Management Service

Proficio, a provider of cloud-based security services, introduced ProSCAN Remediation Management, a new service that helps customers achieve timely, cost-effective and comprehensive vulnerability remediation to best meet security and compliance requirements, and protect the continuity of business services and applications.

Proficio's innovative service helps customers progress through vulnerability scanning and the steps required to plan, prioritize, and execute vulnerability remediation. ProSCAN Remediation Management analytics leverage Proficio's security expertise and its customers' vulnerability scanning reports to provide a comprehensive, actionable remediation plan.

"Typical monthly or quarterly vulnerability scans generate pages of output and can label vulnerabilities as critical regardless of the organization's business or compensating controls," said Brad Taylor, CEO, Proficio. "IT departments may lack the resources to properly research and prioritize scan results, and frequently struggle with competing demands on their time. ProSCAN Remediation Management relieves these issues, reduces patching and remediation delays, and minimizes the organization's risks of security breach or compliance violation."

ProSCAN includes onsite assistance from security experts for planning and execution of remediation activities. Recommendations include:

  • What to remediate;
  • Actions that can be safely deferred based on IT resource availability;
  • Where compensating controls should be added;
  • Potential impact of remediation actions on operations and applications; and
  • What to trial in a test environment.
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