Zetron Releases Updated Video Management System Software

Zetron announced the release of updated video-management software that is part of Zetron’s Video Surveillance System offering. The Video Surveillance System includes a variety of IP-cameras, recorders, video-storage devices, and an integrated access-control system with badging functionality, as well as the video-management software. Demonstrations of the Video Surveillance System with updated software will be given in Zetron’s booth at the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Conference in Washington D.C., August 17-18, 2015.

The new software release delivers a number of significant benefits. It utilizes a new user interface that improves work flow and is easier to use. Additional capabilities and features of include:

  • The ability to automatically fit any number of cameras feeds within the viewing window with just the click of a button.
  • Faster, easier navigation between various views, layouts and setups.
  • A reporting function for the license-plate-reading application that makes it easier to keep track of vehicles.
  • Improved “Save Snapshot” capability that allows images to be printed or emailed.
  • Easy-to-use bookmarks that also facilitate easier retrieval of important video clips.
  • Enhanced map functionality that allows for live viewing of video from within a map window.
  • A feature allowing the set-up and saving of viewing layouts to include web pages and static images.
  • Support for foreign languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic.

“Zetron has received an overwhelmingly positive response to the Video Surveillance System we announced earlier this year,” said Kathy Broadwell, Zetron’s V.P. and general manager of Video Surveillance and Security Solutions. “We are pleased to be adding new capabilities to the solution’s video-management software so soon after our original announcement. The addition of foreign languages to this feature makes it ideal for locations outside the U.S. As an industry-leading provider of control-room solutions for 35 years, Zetron’s goal is to continue to improve and enhance our customers’ control-room experience with the industry’s best, most functional and informative video solutions.”

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