GTL Includes Key-injected Credit Card Scanners

Global Tel*Link (GTL), a provider of correctional technology solutions, announced that it has begun to include key-injected credit card scanners in all of its new payment kiosk deployments, as well as to perform quarterly inspections and audits of all payment kiosks. With this move, GTL is emphasizing its commitment to the protection of customer data by complying with and going beyond industry standards for customer data security.

The new credit card scanners are injected with the GTL encryption key so that all card information is encrypted the moment it is swiped. This type of technology protects against a common type of malicious activity, including the method that has been used to hack the credit card systems of major retailers. The expanded audits, performed quarterly, will include manual inspections, photos, and data analysis by the GTL Kiosk Dispatch team.

With the new key-injected credit card scanners, customer data is encrypted within the credit card scanner rather than being sent first to the kiosk and held in memory before being encrypted. This technology is already part of many GTL payment kiosks in use around the country, and it will be included in all kiosks for new customers as well as replacement-eligible kiosks for existing customers.

Implemented in April, the new payment kiosk inspection protocol requires Field Service Technicians to manually inspect all kiosks in the field, take photos of the kiosks, run through detailed checklists of potential red flags, and upload all of that information to the GTL Kiosk Dispatch team for review. This team will perform comparisons of the quarterly audit documentation, especially photos, to identify any attempts to alter the kiosks in any way. This audit process is in line with the new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance version 3.1 requirement that states all PCI compliant merchants must develop a “process for periodically inspecting all kiosks for tampering or substitution.”

With the inclusion of the key-injected scanner technology into its payment kiosk credit card scanners, as well as with the implementation of regular, thorough inspections, GTL has demonstrated its leadership in the industry in terms of technology, security, and the protection of important customer data from malicious activity.

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