Know before you go: NYE Times Square Security

Know before you go: NYE Times Square Security

Some will not be deterred from the scene at Times Square this New Year’s Eve despite the threats on soft targets the past few months. Whether it is your first or twenty-first time watching the NYE celebrations, it is always nice to have a plan, especially since each year brings its own set of new challenges.

Being squeezed in with 1 million of your closest strangers is not for the faint of heart, but if you do choose to go, there are a few things you should know first.

Entries: Security Checkpoints

At the entry points, there will be some security for you to get through to ensure that those who are being corralled in front of the main stage do not pose a threat to those around them. Each person will be searched with a hand-held wand and smaller bags will be searched. Large bags and backpacks will not be permitted in the event, so leave those at home.

Anyone who declines to go through security or does not allow anyone to search their bag will not be permitted into the event.

Presence of Officers

There will be “plain clothes” officers deployed throughout the event as well as uniformed police. These officers will be looking out for anything that is odd in the midst of the celebrations. There will also be some officers overseeing from rooftop posts.

Police are given special instruction to look out for suspicious packages, people or things. They will monitor crowds and escort those who are not abiding by the rules from the event.

If You See Something, Say Something.

NYPD strongly urges NYE Times Square celebrators to stay attentive and be aware of their surroundings. While it is easy to get caught up in the glamour of the show, they expect you to report any kind of suspicious activity.  

Most of all, just have fun! The best place to start the New Year is in a safe, secure environment in which you can celebrate.

About the Author

Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.

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