Kentucky Schools on Heightened Security due to Threat

Kentucky Schools on Heightened Security due to Threat

Local and federal agencies are investigating an anonymous threat against unnamed schools in Louisville, Kentucky Jan. 8. While police said the threat was vague, schools decided to step up security.

Schools in the area operate on a give-level security system. The schools usually rise to Level 1 during events like football games, but amidst the threat, the schools will rise to Level 3.

At Level 3, schools do all that they can to protect the students. That means locking all doors, cancelling all outside activities, limiting time in the hallways, cancelling large events and taking extra precautions.

Police said they have not received any further information to support the threat, but Superintendent Donna Hargens said she’s not taking any chances.

“We’re always transparent and we communicate with parents in our community about what we’re doing,” Hargens said. “So that’s always very important to us.”

Hargens learned of the threat after an anonymous tip was reported to LMPD, the morning of Jan. 7. Text messages and letters were sent home to parents to inform them of the threat and the security measures that would be put in place.

“We are taking an overabundance of caution and advising all of our schools and locations to go on a heightened security level three,” JCPS Chief Operations Officer Dr. Michael Raisor said. “Level 3 is not really that much different than a normal day of school other than the increased security at doors, reduced movement outside and less time in the hallways.”

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