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Hackers could be Secretly Tapping into your Corporate Meetings

Hackers could be Secretly Tapping into your Corporate Meetings

Cybersecurity experts at SEC Consult revealed a secret doorway that’s built into a popular conference calling product built by a company called AMX. AMX makes tablet panels used to control conference calls for businesses, government agencies and universities.

The company hard-coded backdoor access into its system. AMX created a “secret account” with a permanent username and password, which means a hacker who already sneaked into a computer network could tap into actual meetings, if the hacker knew the backdoor access code.

It’s a glaring security hole.

"This is tantamount to handing over an unlocked military/government smartphone or computer system to an enemy," said Phil Hagen, who teaches cybersecurity professionals at the SANS Institute. "It's a huge problem that anyone with the 'secret account' credentials could theoretically access those devices."

SEC Consult researchers discovered the questionable computer code, detailing it in a blog post.

The American tech firm that makes AMX systems, Harman, acknowledged the issue, but called it an intentional feature. The company said it disabled the access point through a software update in December.   

Computer security experts believe this seems like a case of sloppy computer programming. The access point was probably build for fixing problems during product development and accidentally left it in.

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Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.

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