Online Exclusive: Kisi Labs Unveils Drone Guard Technology as Futuristic Doorman

Online Exclusive: Kisi Labs Unveils Drone Guard Technology as Futuristic Doorman

Kisi Inc., a leader in cloud-managed keyless access control and security management, launches Kisi Labs with its first product experiment, “Drone Guard.” The visitor and guest access technology has launched in New York City and enables secure and controlled access to properties who have this system in use.

“You can call a car with your phone or transfer money from phone to phone - but you still have to wait in line to get an insecure paper visitor pass”, explains KISI’s co-founder Bernhard Mehl. This was the source of inspiration for developing the Drone Guard technology in Kisi Labs.

Drone Guard uses an off-the-shelf drone equipped with a smartphone carrying Kisi authentication technology which uses Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi to unlock doors. Voice and video recognition allow the drone to recognize visitors in a fast and secure manner. Once Drone Guard authenticates the visitor, the drone guides them to their destination within the building or office.

The system learns the walking patterns of each visitor, making it smarter with each visitor. Service businesses like Uber, Seamless, Instacart and FedEx could benefit from Drone Guard by having their personnel move efficiently through buildings and offices to their destination. Spaces with a high volume of traffic such as gyms, co-working facilities and building complexes could easily manage the stream of visitors and guests.

Since large cities like New York have strict outdoor drone laws, the indoor on-premise use of drones is feasible for corporations and commercial properties. Compare to this to the recent drone package delivery ideas, which fail to gain traction in markets like New York City.

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