The Most Innovative Products I've Seen at ISC West

Throughout my day at ISC West I saw some pretty innovative products. From surveillance systems to the connected home and even data storage solutions, ISC West is the grand supreme of security trade shows. However, there were a few products that jumped out at me.

Below are, in my opinion, them most innovative products at ISC West.

BeON Home Light Bulbs

BeOn Home's smart light bulbs are the perfect solutions for home security. The automatic light bulbs have removable sensors that track your home lighting habits. When you are away from your home, you can either control the bulbs with an application on your mobile device or just turn your switches to the on position and the light bulbs will turn on and off based on your normal lighting routine throughout the day.

BeON conducts business with the idea of prevention in mind, rather than reaction. After getting a chance to speak with representatives from the company, I was able to get a better idea of why this product is so revolutionary. It is taking a segment of the industry that we don't normally see, the preventative aspect, and making it mainstream for the every day consumer.

Morse Watchmans KeyWatcher

Improve key control and security with the enterprise-class KeyWatcher Touch system, the scalable KeyWatcher Illuminated system and KeyBank key cabinets – there's even a Remote Box solution to protect access to the KeyWatcher cabinet. Tamper-proof cabinets can only be accessed by authorized users with pre-programmed PIN codes, access cards or biometrics, helping eliminate vulnerability. For enhanced administration and management, KeyWatcher True Touch key control software delivers unparalleled support and functionality.

This product stood out to me because Morse Watchman was able to take an archaic security product and turn it "smart." Through their system, many different organizations that utilize keys such as healthcare, education and car dealerships are able to connect their keys to a system that can keep track of them on a network. The keys are instantaneously available to those who are given the right to use them and are locked from those who aren't.

IC Real Tech ALLie

The ALLie Go is a high-resolution portable action video camera that leverages the company's 360x360 technology to stream live to display devices via Wi-Fi. About the size of a baseball, ALLie Go easily mounts to the body or sporting equipment for use in action sports, adventures and entertainment settings. The camera integrates two microphones, a built-in speaker, storage for recording and a rechargeable battery.

What they don't tell you about this cutting edge product is that it seamlessly uploads to social media sites. Think of the endless possibilities for police departments neighborhood watches, ect. This 360 by 360 camera brings virtual reality to surveillance in a way that I believe hasn't been seen in the security industry. This seamless technology could help aid in surveillance situations from stadiums, to education settings and even in your own home.

What innovative products did you see at ISC West? Let me know!

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