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Superior Biometrics at ISC West

Biometrics has always been a hot topic in the Security Industry, but nowadays it seems like those faraway dreams of using fingerprint, facial and iris identification are here. During ISC West, I got the chance to sit down with Yaron Zussman, CEO of FST Biometrics, to discuss some of the latest they have to offer in the competitive world of biometrics.

Upon our meeting, I couldn't help but notice and friendly and easygoing Zussman is. He instantly makes you feel at ease, and that makes everything so much more interesting and fun. He told me about their technology, IMID, which stands for In Motion Identification. This goes way beyond that biometrics I'm familiar with. This uses not just facial recognition, but voice and behavioral analytics, as well. The technology learns how someone looks, acts and sounds, even when they're in different moods. No matter the type of situation or type of day someone is having, IMID can identify that person in their system and grant them their authorized access.

A major product that utilized this technology is IMID Mobile. It's used for many settings, such as schools and daycares, hospitals, corporate and government facilities, and many more. Whoever is using IMID Mobile, they can capture an image of the person (i.e. a person to pick up their child from school) and verify their identity, as well as show any other information, such as number or children they have authority to pick up and other people they've granted access to pick up their kids when they're unable to.

Getting IMID Mobile is simple. All it takes is downloading that app from Google Play, and the device instantly connects to the facility's IMID server. All information for the user is there at their fingertips and information logs begin automatically.

IMID Technology is also getting notice around the globe. For instance, FST Biometrics has recently partnered with Groupo Haganá, a leading security firm in Brazil. They'll be using FST IMID Access technology at pedestrian entry points, just for one example.

In security, biometrics isn't going anyway but up. With all the new technology out there, I'm sure I'll be just as 'wowed' with new solutions next year. But for ISC West 2016, FST Biometrics was at the top of their game.

About the Author

Lindsay Page is the editor for Campus Security & Life Safety magazine, and the senior editor for Security Today.

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