Saratoga Springs’ Businesses, Residents and Tourists are Safer with Milestone Video

Milestone Systems’ open platform IP video management software is at the core of an upgraded, expandable security system in Saratoga Springs, New York. Milestone Interconnect has made it easy and cost efficient for installing partner DSS to add more Axis network cameras over time across the city, all controlled by the Saratoga Springs Police Department from a centrally located base.

“What makes Milestone so attractive is that it allows the city to invest in a system that’s ready to use and also can handle scalable expansion in conjunction with the city’s growth,” says Marilyn Rivers, Director of Risk and Safety for the City of Saratoga Springs. She added that the Milestone solution was cost efficient, which is a critical advantage for a mid-sized city with a limited security budget.

Every summer, the Saratoga Race Course brings thousands of visitors to town. The revenue generated during the racing season boosts the city’s economy for the rest of the year. Prior to beginning the 2013 season, Saratoga Springs city administrators sought to significantly update city surveillance, both in city hall and on city streets.

Saratoga Springs’ Safety Committee engaged Digital Surveillance Solutions (DSS) as its security integrator for the project. The DSS objective was to make the best use of allotted budget while at the same time achieving a robust and reliable system that would require minimal maintenance. After a detailed site survey, DSS presented the city with a comprehensive design and implementation plan.

The first phase was deployed with the installation of cameras on city streets using a wireless network and a centralized video recording server at city hall. In July 2015, another camera was added to the wireless network and several more were installed both inside and outside city hall and the police department.

The software platform for the video server is Milestone XProtect Corporate. The camera feeds are streamed into the Milestone system and monitored by the Saratoga Springs Police Department. Subsequent to the initial deployment, independent Milestone XProtect Essential systems were installed in historic Congress Park and various city departments. Each system offers monitoring, recording and local administration capabilities. The recreation center now includes Axis network cameras as well as Bosch and American Dynamics analog cameras digitally converted by an Axis video encoder. The other locations feature a mix of Axis, IQeye and Mobotix cameras.

Using the Milestone Interconnect feature set, all of the remote Milestone XProtect Essential video systems are monitored on demand and centrally administered by the Milestone XProt ect Corporate platform from the police department.

A benefit of having an open platform according to Mike Ruthman, Strategic Sales at DSS, is the ability to keep existing cameras in place without having to make further investments. The city was able to use its Axis cameras in city hall connected by the Milestone VMS.

“Unifying all cameras to the Milestone platform eliminated the need to maintain and monitor multiple, independent systems from several manufacturers,” said Ruthman. “Additionally, as legacy cameras run their lifespan, new cameras are added and Milestone is the perfect platform for replacement and expansion of these systems.”

Mike Blumenson, President of DSS, and Ruthman say that using Milestone Interconnect has been a key component to the successful deployment in Saratoga Springs.

“The city is using Milestone in a variety of locations,” Blumenson says. “It’s essential that every location’s cameras stream back in to central command at the police department through Milestone Interconnect.”

Rivers says the benefits of the Axis cameras and Milestone open platform go beyond monetary savings.

“You can’t really put a dollar amount on it. I think of it as a peace-of-mind factor,” Rivers says. “The City of Saratoga Springs is rooted in friendliness and hospitality. We love to open our arms and show visitors the best of what our city has to offer. With Axis, Milestone and DSS, we can do that safely and securely while also assisting our local business owners and constituents.”

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