Winning the Foot Race

I guess I've been attending ASIS for about two decades. Back in the day, I remember it was a tradeshow for guys in suits and ties. There is still a bunch of well-dressed people but I'm also happy that there is a bit more casual approach.

My experiences at numerous tradeshows have been a white shirt and tie.

A solid routine is important but I changed things up a little bit this year. One white shirt and a tie for the annual Altronix pre-tradeshow dinner. However, this year, I opted for the more casual approach, including my running shoes.

It seems that losing a bit of weight and daily exercise makes all the difference in the world for attending a tradeshow. The running shoes helped me win the foot race today. After a day on the show floor and, and according to my health app on the iPhone, I covered 6.29 miles, and my feet feel great. I'm lacing up the shoes again for today.

Here is a brief take on my ASIS experiences yesterday.

Genetec is showing off its Mission Control, intelligent incident management software. Because change is inevitable, Mission Control is advertised to help resolve situations faster. The software is designed to plug the gaps where people can make smarter decisions, such as at airports and university campuses.

Mission Control supports thousands of events per second, and hundreds of thousands more during the course of the day.

Avigilon introduces it Appearance Search video analytics technology, which is a rather sophisticated search engine for video data. It sorts through hours of footage to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest.

The software will dramatically improve incident response time and enhance forensic investigations by allowing operators to build robust video evidence and create a powerful narrative of events.

SALTO brings a group of new products/technology to ASIS, including its XS4 Mini escutcheon's easy to install design makes it simple to upgrade and replace mechanical key operated door locks with the latest electronic access control solution.

March Networks brings an innovative Security Audit tool to help systems integrators evaluate and improve the security of their video installation configurations and provide additional assurance to customers. The software automatically analyzes and rates how secure the configurations of installed March Networks hybrid video records truly are, based upon a list of industry-recognized points of weakness.

So much more to see today. I'm putting on my running shoes for Day Two for a little personal exercise.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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