It's Not Always about New Business

My time at ASIS in Orlando has come to an end and it is sort of bittersweet. While I am more than excited to exit this plane and drive to my home in Dallas, Texas, I am sad that the show is over. ASIS, like most trade shows do, gives everyone in the security industry a chance to connect and network, but it wasn’t until after I reflected on my time at the show that I truly understood why we all combine onto the same show floor once a year.

When I sit down with a company for an appointment, I usually ask them how the show is going for them. I almost always hear the same few things, but for the most part it goes a little something like this: “Our booth has had constant traffic.”

At most shows, I move past the small talk after that and get on to the more specific details on the company’s newest products or company news, but at this show my conversations were so much more lively.

I think Rick Caruthers with Galaxy Control Systems said it best when he told me that he was excited to come to ASIS because it is the perfect time to visit, connect and network with others from the industry. Or even sometimes, connect with those that you already work or partner with and never get to see face-to-face. ASIS gives everyone that unique opportunity to have conversations with people you may never have met otherwise.

You can tell the emotional atmosphere of the show is light, friendly and overall accepting of new ideas, innovations and products. I didn’t get the “sales pitch” as much as I do at other shows. It was much more relaxed and open.

But the best part about ASIS, is that even though most companies aren’t actively trying to, they always end up bringing in new business anyway. Caruthers calls the new business a “bonus” but I think it’s a testament to the innovations, devices and software the security industry has to offer. 

About the Author

Sydny Shepard is the Executive Editor of Campus Security & Life Safety.

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