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Knee Deep in Orlando Rain

I've never minded walking in the rain. Orlando weather has provided some weather tradeshow guests probably didn't like that much. However, compiling my thoughts of Day Two brought some exciting results.

We talk a lot about products and solutions but there is one thing that has become a clarion call for people in the security industry. Service.

Two things I heard a lot of talk about was this summer's security industry softball game. Numerous vendors, integrators, and outside supporters of this industry come together for a charity softball event to raise money for Mission 500. More about that in a minute.

From my perspective as an outside supporter to the industry, Security Products magazine has participated now in both softball games. We have chosen to support the game's umpire. We are that sponsor. I'm kind of proud of that because this person stands behind home plate and has a view of the entire field of play. I can't even begin to write the number of other sponsors that give freely each and every year.

There is, however, tens of thousands of dollars raised in what must be a most exciting event. I hear the stories by visiting tradeshow booths up and down every aisle. I hear the excitement during lunches and dinners, and from my vantage point, charity begins at home.

You should be pleased and proud to be part of the wonderful event.

Mission 500 is an amazing group of people who care for those less fortunate than you and me. There are many that live well below our standard of living right here in the United States. From Oct. 26-30, the staff of Mission 500 will be hosting the 2016 Security Industry Service Trip to Philippi, W.Va.

You can be the reason a child has a warm home this holiday season. Take a minute and think about the help you can provide. Past participants and supporters include Altronix, Anixter, Axis Communications, Bolide Technology Group, Electronic Security Association, First Response, Honeywell and HID Global; Monitronics Security, Pelco and Security Systems News.

Day Two at ASIS has been a whopping success in my estimation and while it is important to talk about services, new technology and the industry in general, take a moment and think about security for children. Mission 500 can use a helping hand. You will be all the better for offering service to other. For more information, contact Jeff at

We can talk about security products, innovations and technology another time. Here is an opportunity for all of us to stand behind home plate and see the horizon, and make a difference in providing a silver lining.

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Ralph C. Jensen is editor-in-chief of Security Today magazine.

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