3 Injured in South Carolina Elementary School Shooting

3 Injured in South Carolina Elementary School Shooting

[UPDATE: September 29, 2016 8:30 a.m. CT]

A 14-year-old is in custody following a shooting at a South Carolina elementary school in Townville that left two students and a teacher injured. Police say the school shooting followed an attack at the suspect's home where he shot and killed his father.

The suspect then drove a truck to the school, about three miles away, and where the truck crashed into a fence belonging to the school.

Police say the shooting happened on the playground of the school, the shooter never had access into the campus. 

Sheriff John Skipper said an 30-year veteran volunteer firefighter, Jamie Brock, responded to the school after the shooting and took down the suspect on the playground. Brock was unarmed.

Sheriff Skipper explained that had Brock not intervened, there would have been more casualties.

Investigators believe there is no known relationship between the suspected shooter and the victims at the school. They also believe there is no racial or terrorist undertones to the event.

Anderson County Sheriff Office Captain Garland Major said that the two students are 6-year-old. One was shot in the foot and the other in the leg. One of the students remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Captain Major also said the teacher was shot in the shoulder, she has been treated and released from the hospital as of Thursday morning.

[UPDATE: September 28, 2016 3:15 p.m. CT]

The Anderson County Coroner said that all three people injured in the shooting have suffered non-life threatening injures and are expected to survive.

Police have also discovered a homicide less than 3 miles away from the school on Osborn Road. Law enforcement believe that the person deceased is related to the teenage shooter.

Original story posted below.

Multiple law enforcement units have been dispatched to Townville Elementary School in South Carolina after reports of a possible shooting.

At least two children have been airlifted to a trauma center and 1 teacher is hospitalized following the confrontation.

The incident was reported a little after 2 p.m. local time, according to reports on social media. Witnesses posted status updates sharing their accounts of patrol units heading towards the scene of the shooting.

Sheila Cole, a spokesperson for Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, said they have a teenage shooter in custody but did not disclose a motive for the shooting.

The school hosts pre-k through 6th grade and has 286 students enrolled this year.

This is a developing story. This post will be updated with more information.

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