IdentiSys appoints new Senior Vice President of Physical Access and Video Security

Michael Reding has joined IdentiSys Inc. as the Senior Vice President of Physical Access and Video Security to drive strategy, leadership and innovation to this newly created position

IdentiSys Inc., North America’s largest sales and service integrator of identification, card issuance, emergency response, customer line management and access control security systems, today named Michael Reding the Senior Vice President of Physical Access and Video Security. Reding will be a key member of the IdentiSys management team, reporting to IdentiSys president and CEO, Michael Shields.  Reding’s development and implementation focus will include IdentiSys and all of its divisions, except Gebco Hawaii and LINSTAR, which will continue to operate separately. 

“As IdentiSys continues to grow its physical access and video security offerings, we found the need to expand the depth of our leadership team in this direction. Reding, with his highly successful experience, is the perfect individual to help ensure that our continued growth in this area is strategic and focused.  He will manage the products and programs for this important solution offering of IdentiSys” said Michael Shields.

Reding brings years of experience in management to IdentiSys.  He was the COO and co-owner of LINSTAR Inc., the president and CEO of Performance Alliance Partners, COO of DeepGreen Bank, SVP of TIFCO and SVP of HSBC.  His strong leadership skills helped each of these companies to grow during his tenure. 

“I look forward to joining the IdentiSys team and leading the Physical Access and Video Security area of their business.  Working with the IdentiSys sales, marketing, and service colleagues, along with the products, programs and suppliers serving this industry, I believe we have exceptional growth opportunities” said Michael Reding.

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