Digi Security Systems Partners with Axis Communications to Widen Camera Selection

Digi Security Systems announces that it has partnered with Axis Communications to offer customers an even wider range of video security camera products suitable for customers across all industries and applications. With this new partnership, Digi is poised to provide customers with the highest quality video security systems at the greatest possible value.

Axis Communications offers a diverse range of high-quality cameras to meet any possible video coverage need. Digi Security Systems is confident that Axis Communications’ camera offerings will enable customers to find the ideal product for their specific needs, regardless of application.

“Digi Security Systems has responded to our customers and partnered with Axis Communications, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of surveillance cameras, in order to supply a wide range of technology that will meet each customer’s need,” said Danny Frid, Vice President of Sales at Digi Security Systems. “Digi’s customers will reap benefits in terms of breadth of product availability, technology quality, and system value.”

Axis Communications products are now available as part of Digi’s proof-of-concept trial installations, and Digi now also supplies, installs, services and supports these products. As with all of Digi’s manufacturer partners, Digi will carry a strong inventory of Axis Communications products. This will allow customers to test products hands-on for as long as it takes them to feel comfortable with the new equipment, and will drastically reduce service times over competing service providers.

Learn more about the Digi Security Systems partnerships with other industry leaders from the company’s website. Digi Security Systems is a division of RAE Corporation.

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