Jacksonville Bank Robber in Custody after Taking Hostages

Jacksonville Bank Robber in Custody after Taking Hostages

A Jacksonville bank robber was taken into custody Thursday, December 1 after taking employees and members of the bank hostage during a two hour long standoff with police.

Just after 9 a.m. local time, police received a call of shots fired at Community First Credit Union. Police arrived on the scene only to realize a robbery was taking place. Backup and SWAT negotiators were immediately called onto the scene.

The suspect, identified as Nicholas Dequan Humphrey, arrived at the bank with a firearm and a dog. Witnesses from inside the bank say Humphrey took them hostage and threatened to kill them several times. Confirmed reports say the robber held his weapon to the back of several hostages’ heads.

SWAT negotiators say Humphrey demanded that several of his relatives be present at the scene and that he would kill one or more of the hostages if the police tried to come inside. After about an hour and a half, negotiators were able to get Humphrey to release some of the hostages.

Two hostages from inside the building had been hiding since the incident began. They were able to flee the building creating a diversion for police. Using a battering ram, they were able to enter the building and get between Humphrey and the remaining hostages.

Humphrey was taken into custody and the hostages were evaluated for injuries.

Police were able to confirm that no one was hurt in the incident. It is unknown if the suspect fired his weapon, or why there was a call of shots fired. Police speculate that the weapon may have been discharged to frighten the hostages.

The dog that entered the bank with Humphrey was safe and in the care of animal services.

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