Holiday Precautions

While visions of sugarplums dance in your head, there are some important security precautions that need to be forefront in your mind during this eventful time of year.

With the holidays upon us, there is no better time to start implementing these safety measures.

It's never possible to completely eliminate the risk of violence, but being aware of the community you live in can help protect yourself and your family.

Conduct a security check of your home by walking around your property.

Look for weak points of entry, such as a door that doesn’t lock properly or an unlocked window.

Look at your items that are outside that are movable such as bikes, leaf blowers, ladders etc…, I recommend that they should be secured in the garage area.

Lighting is critical; I would install motion sensor LED lights around the exterior of the house.

Trim overgrown shrubs to deter from individuals from hiding.

Get into the habit of locking your vehicle and removing items that can be seen: CDs, GPS devices, lose change, sunglasses, into the trunk area.

You should also make it a habit to hide the garage door opener so it can’t be seen by those passing by, or better yet, take it with you when you go inside your home.

If a burglar gets his hands on the garage door opener he is able to take items in the garage; he may then gain access to your home through an interior door.

If your family is traveling this season, don’t make it evident to criminals.

Arrange for someone to bring in the trash can, pick up your newspaper and mail, packages or flyers left at the front door.

Let a trusted neighbor know if you’re traveling for the holidays and ask them to contact police immediately if they see any suspicious activity around your home, and then notify you.

Also note that you should not advertise on social media about your vacation plans, before and during. Even criminals monitor these sites.

Being extra vigilant this holiday season will help keep you from becoming a crime victim. Always trust your instincts and report any and all suspicious activity to local law enforcement or sheriff department.

Reporting suspicious activity today will help keep your community safer.

About the Author

Patrick V. Fiel Sr. is a nationally known security expert who has been interviewed and quoted by numerous news outlets, televisions, newspapers, and radio stations reaching millions of viewers on school campus related issues. Patrick has over 40 years of experience managing law enforcement and security organizations. Patrick is retired from the United States Army Military Police Corps. He has three overseas tours (Belgium, Germany and Korea). He was selected for specials assignments with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon; Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe in Belgium and the United States Military Academy (West Point). Patrick has served on three national task forces: The 9/11 Interagency Domestic Preparedness in Washington, D.C.; The Security Design and Renovation Guidelines for Healthcare; and the Electronic Security Guidelines for Schools. Patrick is the founder of PVF Security Consulting and travels presenting briefings and presentations on security trends, shootings, funding, risk assessments, emergency/crisis preparedness, gangs, workplace violence and current security technology solutions.

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