Hostage Situaton at Alabama Credit Union Near University Campus

Hostage Situaton at Alabama Credit Union Near University Campus

[UPDATED: January 10, 2016 11:00 a.m.]

Tuscaloosa police Public Information Officer Teena Richardson confirmed the hostage situation at the Alabama Credit Union is over.

Police were able to enter the credit union and take the suspect into custody without incident.

The motive for the incident is currently unknown and police are working to figure out if the suspect was known to any of the employees inside the building at the time.

Original story posted below.

Police have confirmed there is a hostage situation at Alabama Credit Union of Paul W Bryant Drive, just across from the University of Alabama's Law School.

Tuscaloosa Police Public Information Officer Teena Richardson was able to confirm that the call came in of a person with a gun inside the bank just minutes before the branch was supposed to open. It is unclear how the suspect got inside the building.

Richardson said she was unable to confirm the number of hostages or a motive for the situation, but she did say she did not believe it was a robbery.

The University of Alabama tweeted to students on campus to steer clear of Bryant Drive.

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