MLK Day Turns Violent After Shootings in Separate Cities

MLK Day Turns Violent After Shootings in Separate Cities

Martin Luther King Jr. is famously known for his message of peace, so much so that his birthday marks a holiday in the United States. Many groups gather to celebrate MLK Day in cities across the country, and usually security is the last thing on their minds.

Yesterday, two cities saw a violent close to MLK Day when gunfire broke out near events specifically set to celebrate the holiday.

In Houston, four people were shot on Martin Luther King Boulevard during an annual block party. Many were gathered in celebration on the corner of Reed and MLK when gunfire rang out, striking three females and male. The adult man and a 13-year-old female were taken to the hospital. Their conditions are unknown at this time, but they are expected to survive.

Police say they have little details on the incident as the witnesses scattered quickly after the gunfire. However, three people have been taken into custody in connection to the shooting.

Law enforcement in Miami are investigating a very similar scene that unfolded at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park where people were gathered to peacefully celebrate the holiday.  Around 3:40 p.m. eight people were injured when gunfire erupted in the park sparking a stampede injuring several more.

Five minors and three adults were transported to the hospital with gunshot wounds. They are all listed in stable condition, except for a 20-year-old man who is listed in critical condition.

Police say the park was evacuated so they could investigate. They detained two people for questioning and seized two firearms, but they are unsure if there are other suspects at large.

These shootings are not the only ones to happen over the long-weekend. In Chicago alone, 39 people were wounded by gunfire, 10 of them died. The last person to be fatally shot was at 11:30 a.m. on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Police say the shooting wasn’t connected to the holiday.

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